Joyce Mayer Ministries Head Quartars In India Proposed Lutheren Central Cathedral - Guntur - India

Joyce Mayer Ministries Head Quartars In India

Designed And Executed By Us With Passion

Proposed Lutheren Central Cathedral - Guntur - India

Modern Mingled With Tradition This Church Is Designed To Seat 10000 Believers

Architecture At It's Best

Architecture started as man began his existence in this world and felt the need to protect himself from the wild Nature. It was purely need based and has developed to what it is today, catering to all the whims and fancies of today's Man.

Every building is unique depending on who the designer and the owner is. It often is a combination of efforts from both the client and its designer. In some cases it is collaboration ( I would rather say interference) from many unrelated quarters totally unnecessary and that is when the building gets messy and unfit for living. The owner will have to put up with the final out come all his life and end up living in that mess.

Earlier days though the population was very low labor was easily and cheaply available and so then the building designs were labor intensive with intricate designs and details. And so were created Fluted columns and capitals etc and they took a major role in beautification of the building.

Now with the advent of concrete in the fifties on words the buildings have been molded in different shapes and forms using concrete. Le Corbusier used concrete in plenty and many of us today understand concrete and what we can do with it from the earlier works of great architects.

Now the scene is changed with the invention of new materials like plastics, structural glass and many more that have been invented using the computer. In China a six storied building was printed in layers after layers from ground to the top in record time using machines.

We at our office have been designing buildings for various clients since the early eighties and are well versed in Brick and mortar to the modern materials like plastics. We get involved in the design process and come out with solutions just to suit the needs of our clients and the time that is spent in designing any project is immense.

The plan for which we took days to make using all out imagination and knowledge to fit in all the requirement of our client get demolished with in 5 minutes with the suggestions that come from various people. They are in fact lying to convince the client and the client out of fear falls for their suggestions and wants them incorporated.

Well I guess for survival we need to accommodate them too and have ourselves learned to lie. If you can't win them join them is now the attitude. The same reasons that those people give, we too give our clients and tell them they will get wealthy and healthy and what not.

That is life I guess.

How We Like Us To Serve You.

On the web site in the slide show that you see when you open, the first slide that you see is of the building that we signed for Joyce Mayer Ministries and American missionary. 4-copyI am a great fan of her and it was a privilege indeed to work on the project. They gave me a requirement and asked me to visit various locations from which they were operating and understand what they need. That is exactly what happened. There was no interference from anyone from their side. No one from their side knew what was going on. We completed the project well with in time and at unbelievably low cost. That is our specialty. We save a lot for our client. Our desire is to build functional and aesthetically appealing building.

The Chapel In JMM

This is like the heart of the office building of Joyce Meyer Ministries. A place to sit quiet and meditate. img_0521I wanted to make it beautiful and spent countless hours in making it. A 48' octagon with a dome 32 feet in dia at the center and at a height of 35 feet.  I was able to use some details that I had learned at the school like fluted columns and capitals with in volutes in them. We managed to bring n the air conditioning from the ground and avoided ugly AC ducts hanging from the ceiling and spoiling the inside of the dome. I spent most of my time at the site during the execution of this chapel. In India we have to work with un skilled labour. But we did it and am so happy with its outcome.

What we do and what can you expect from us!

"Architecture in general is frozen music." - Friedrich von Schelling and that is my belief

I am so glad you are exploring through our site. We love to serve our clients and once you are with us you'll never leave us. We are economical and our designs are unique and tailor made for the client, to suits their ego and personality and every thing the building is suppose to be.

As architects we offer services from designing till completion of the building in all aspects. Click anywhere in this column to see our scope and services

"Architecture in general is frozen music." - Friedrich von Schelling  and I share the same feeling. While writing a song the song writer needs to be free of any kind of restriction. Be it physical, emotional or spiritual. So also a designer, he needs to be in is element to bring out his best. He is an unique creation like you are another unique creation and the expression in design will be unique only when one thinks in full freedom.

If you have come this far inside our website, it means you are thinking about employing us. Come on take the next step and click on my photograph to know more about what we can do for you. See you inside.

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