Architectural Services

  • Preparation of design brief after discussing with the client.
  • Design and site development.
  • Sanitary, plumbing, drainage, water supply and sewerage design.
  • Electrical, electronic, communication systems design.
  • Periodic inspection and evaluation of construction works.

Schedule of Services

  • The Architect shall, after taking instructions from the Client, render the following services:

Concept Design

  • Ascertain Client’s requirements, examine site constraints & potential; and prepare a design brief for Client’s approval
  • Prepare conceptual designs with reference to requirements given and prepare rough estimate

Preliminary Design and Drawings:

  • Modify the conceptual designs incorporating required changes and prepare the preliminary drawings, sketches, etc. for the Client’s approval along with preliminary estimate of cost.

Working Drawings and Tender Documents:

  • Prepare working drawings, specifications and schedule of quantities sufficient to prepare estimates.
  • Prepare tender document and float the tender to get quotations from a few contractors and help the client in selecting the contractor.


  • Prepare and issue working drawings and details for proper execution of works during construction.
  • Approve samples of various elements and components
  • Prepare drawings for execution and issue the same to the contractor
  • Make visits at regular intervals or as may be needed to the site
    • To inspect and evaluate the Construction Works.
    • To clarify and offer interpretation of the drawings/specifications.
    • To Ensure that the work at site proceeds in accordance with the contract documents/drawings
    • To Ensure timely and quality works.
  • Prepare and issue Certificate of payment for the contractor at different stages of the building as agreed upon in the contract.

Project Management Consultants

  • We are well equipped to take up the complete Project Management  – PMC for  projects of any magnitude.  We have a complete team of Structural engineers, Electrical  engineers,  AC (HVAC) Consultants and  Complete Automation Service Consultants.

Fees Structure:

  • The Client shall pay the Architects 5% of the total cost of the project as Architectural fees. The fee shall be paid in the manner as mentioned in the payment schedule below

Payment Schedule:

We charge out clients 5% on the total cost of the building and the same shall be paid in the following manner.

  1. 20% of the fee at the time of appointing us Dawson Modular (DM) as you architects.
  2. 20% of the estimated fee after approval of concept drawings along with preliminary estimates.
  3. 20% of the fees after completion of all working drawings and all drawings pertaining to the various specialised services and detailed estimates to the satisfaction of the client.
  4. 30% of the fees in convenient installments as the building progresses, calculated based on the completed works.
  5. Final 10% payment at completion of the building, and this amount shall be calculated based actual cost.

Site visit charges: Apart from the above fees, the Architect or any of his representatives who visit your site in connection with the works shall be paid a sum of Rs.2000/- for every visit made.  For site visits out of Hyderabad transport and accommodation to be borne by the client.


Income Tax:(TDS) shall be deducted at 10.5% from our bill amount and same shall be remitted and proof for the same should be furnished to us.

GST at the rate of 18% shall be borne by the client.