Dawson Modular The Architecture Firm.

Dawson Modular – Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers.

Dawson Modular Architects Engineers and Interior designers was founded by Jasper Dawson in the year 1987 and has its only office in Hyderabad. The practice works internationally and nationally providing architectural services from designing the building with all other services that go with it till completion of the project. You can see our scope and services provided by us by clicking here

Architect Le Corbusier founded Modular theory. Corbusier standardized the heights of the windows and door openings for the building based on human scale. Though I liked Le Corbusier for some of his concepts and ideas my favorite was Frank Lloyd Write. Frank Lloyd was organic in his approach to designing and easily the greatest of all architects. His philosophy as an organic architect was best exemplified by Fallingwater (1935), which has been called “the best all-time work of American architecture. My idea in the field of architecture is greatly influenced by these two architects.

You will experience them being implemented in all our designs. We put in a lot of thinking in the plan stage as the primary concern in any building is it should server its purpose fully. As much as possible in the future we should not feel that we missed out on some thing. There is bound to be some misses but minimizing them to the extent we can we must. Tomorrow no one living or using that building is going to appreciate the elevation if it is not serving its purpose.  Our clients like that and keep coming to us for their newer projects.

Some images of a large church we are working on for your viewing pleasure.



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